Local College Graduate Finds Calling in Jewelry

She’s always loved jewelry, but it wasn’t until recently that Stacey Horan of Knox began to dabble in its creation. Horan says jewelry-making was something she essentially stumbled into after attending I.U. Bloomington for four years, earning herself a degree in Apparel Merchandising and Business. Following college, Horan applied to several corporate apparel chains– but didn’t have much luck.

“In apparel merchandising, you basically learn how to merchandise anything retail; the apparel part was just a focus. So, I had to take a textiles class, a manufacturing and quality class, but essentially it was business: how to sell, retail, how to develop a brand image, and all that good stuff. And so I learned all that, applied to all those places that turned me down, so jewelry was kind of like a last option,” she said.

Her father had been a jeweler for a number of years, having opened a shop in Vermont after graduating from high school. A creative person, Horan spent her post-college free time doing crafts and staying busy, but nothing held her attention for long– and that’s when she decided to try her hand at crafting jewelry. With all the necessary equipment before her and her father’s guidance, she made her first piece of jewelry.

Since then, Horan has created a website and has begun selling her jewelry online– although, she says one of the biggest issues with the jewelry is pricing. The process involved in creating these pieces takes time, and isn’t easy. Starting with a wax piece, Horan carves out the piece of jewelry, making tiny changes here and there before she is finally satisfied– which can take hours and even days. The rest of the process takes several hours, and tacking on the cost of the silver used for the jewelry, the price tag builds up. However, because the process she uses literally involves “breaking the mold,” each piece of jewelry she creates is unique.

“I couldn’t emphasize how special these pieces are. They’re one of a kind, designed from my thoughts. I didn’t actually replicate them off of anything; they’re my designs. So it’s like a piece of art, and it’s a one-of-a-kind piece of art that you can wear. I mean, what’s better than that?” Horan explained.

You can find Horan’s collection at www.creativeabundancejewelry.weebly.com, or, if you have an idea for a piece of jewelry you would like to have crafted, you can email her at creative.abundance.jewelry@gmail.com.