Winamac Man Accused of Theft from Ace Hardware

A Winamac man was arrested Saturday after he allegedly stole items from Ace Hardware in Winamac.

The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department was advised of a shoplifter in the store. The officer was told by a female employee that the suspect was believed to have been involved in a prior theft incident. Store employees said Duane Altman walked out of the store with three wrenches in his hand.

When employees confronted Altman, he said he didn’t take the wrenches and put them back. He was asked to show them where he put them and while he was walking down one of the aisles, he pulled the three wrenches from the waistband of the pants he was wearing. At that time, Altman tried to escape but was not successful. He reportedly told the manager that he did it because he had to pay his bills.

Altman was arrested on a preliminary charge of Theft. The case has been forwarded to the Pulaski County Prosecutor for review.