WKVI Visits Starke County Youth Club at Elementary School

Ted Hayes spoke with teacher Cristy Back about the organization.

With the Starke County Youth Club Radiothon creeping closer each day, WKVI visited one of the organization’s “homework rooms” yesterday at the Knox Elementary School. Teacher Cristy Back explained that the students are always kept busy.

“Right now they are working on homework from their second grade classroom. If they don’t have homework, we give them work sheets or let them read a book,” Back said.

Usually the members work on their own, but if they do need help there is tutoring available. Back explained that a lot of progress is made after school, and the extra help comes in handy.

If necessary, students can receive help from tutors.

“I see a lot of progress. I’m a second grade teacher’s aide. They get extra help here– help they don’t get during the day,” she said.

There were 22 children in the classroom yesterday. Over 600 children are enrolled in the Youth Club activities, throughout the three Starke County School Systems. It costs approximately $700 per student per year, so a lot of funding is necessary.

Everyone is encouraged to pledge support Friday during the WKVI Radiothon. It lasts from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m., and pledges can be made in person or on the air.