Eastern Pulaski School’s Scoreboard To Go Wireless

Dr. Robert Klitzman
Dr. Robert Klitzman

The Eastern Pulaski School Board has approved a partnership with the Winamac Athletic Booster Club in order to upgrade the sports scoreboard to a wireless model.

Superintendent Dr. Robert Klitzman explained that the pair will split the cost.

“The school corporation will use Capital Projects funds and the Booster Club will come up with the rest of the money,” stated Klitzman. “They’re looking at making the soccer field, the baseball field, the football field, the indoor basketball court, and volleyball scoreboards all wireless. The total cost of the project is $8,600. The board has committed $4,300 if the Booster Club can come up with the rest of the money.”

Dr. Klitzman said there are a lot of advantages to making this upgrade, most notably the fact that the device will be moveable.

“There are times in our main high school gym when we’re not going to have a big crowd and we may want to configure that seating a little differently. All we have to do is pick up the apparatus and move. It’s wireless and we can reconfigure the seating as it is best appropriate for that activity,” said Klitzman.