Man Arrested Following Pulaski County Burglary

One suspect was arrested Thursday, June 7 after a burglary incident in Pulaski County.

Police were called to 7102 W. 100 N. in response to a burglary in progress. Thomas Parker was caught inside the home, but he told police that he was at his uncle’s house and he was there to check on the mail. He said he had just taken his uncle to Indianapolis. Police contacted Parker’s uncle, who said that Parker was to check on the mail but he didn’t give Parker permission to be in the residence and he wanted to press charges.

Police noticed that Parker was injured and when asked about the injury, he stated that he scraped himself on a fence when entering the property. The victim’s brother, who caught Parker inside the home, stated that he had been at the residence before and all doors and windows were secure, but on the date of this incident, they were not secure. When officers were going over the scene, they noticed blood on the windowsill and later discovered that Parker gained entry into the house through the window. Officers found a chain saw on the couch that the homeowner said was not supposed to be there and a DVD player was moved from its original spot.

Evidence was collected at the scene and Parker was arrested on preliminary felony charges of Burglary, Residential Entry, Attempted Theft and Possession of a Schedule II Controlled Substance.