Pulaski County Burn Ban Still In Effect For Next Seven Days

The Pulaski County Commissioners have continued the burn ban for another seven days in light of continued drought conditions and a lack of rain in the forecast.

The ban has been in place since noon on Monday, June 18, and it will remain in effect until noon on July 2, when it will once again be reevaluated. The commissioners enacted the ban because of the dry conditions of this summer, and they feel the county is at risk of a widespread fire hazard. Open burning of any kind using conventional fuel such as wood or other combustible materials is prohibited, with the exception of grills. Also prohibited is the burning of debris such as timber of vegetation, and recreational campfires – unless enclosed – are prohibited as well.

Pulaski County residents are also strongly discouraged from discharging fireworks.

Starke County’s burn ban is also still in effect until July 2, when they will also reevaluate the ban and decide whether or not to allow it to expire. Marshall County residents are also under burning restrictions.