Red Flag Warning Issued By National Weather Service

Knox-Center Township Fire Chief Ken Pfost

The National Weather Service has placed us under an excessive heat warning and a red flag warning until 7:00 p.m. CT tonight. A red flag warning means that today’s combination of strong winds, low relative humidity and the heat will create explosive fire growth potential.

With that, Knox-Center Township Fire Chief, Kenny Pfost, reminds you that proper disposal of cigarettes and safe handling of fireworks is critical to avoid accidentally starting a fire.

“A lot of people have the habit of flipping their cigarettes out the window as they’re driving down the highway, but with as dry as it is, it only takes a little smolder to get a good fire going,” Pfost explained. “The same thing goes for fireworks. A lot of people think that once they shoot off and they don’t flash anymore that they’re done. When they land, they’re still hot and could still cause a fire.”

Throwing anything burning out of a moving vehicle is illegal and can result in a fine of up to $10,000. Launching fireworks from the side of a road or off a building is also illegal. Fireworks may only be legally discharged from private property with the permission of the owner, or from public areas specifically designated for launching fireworks. The burn ban notices in Pulaski and LaPorte Counties prohibit you from discharging fireworks for the duration of the emergency declarations.