Town of Culver Begins Safe Routes to School Construction

Construction has started in the town of Culver for the Safe Routes to School project, with new sidewalks being installed down School, Ohio, and Main streets. Clerk-Treasurer Karen Heim says the construction, which started last week, is a great thing for the town.

The town was awarded the grant last year through the Indiana Department of Transportation, and Heim says they’ve applied for the grant’s second round. If the town receives the second grant, sidewalks would likely be installed down Academy Road, College Road, and Lakeshore Drive.

Heim explained that the sewer plan for the town has also been completed, and an open house has been scheduled for today from 3 to 5 p.m. ET. The open house will take place at 1170 Hoosier Lane, just south of the cemetery. The sewer project was funded by a large grant received from the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs.

Heim says the board voted down a proposal from the planning commission that would have redrawn the town’s two-mile boundaries. She says the idea behind the rezoning was to avoid split parcels, but the board voted it down because of a number of issues. She says the planning commission will soon return with another proposal.