One Arrested After Man Flings Chemical At Police

Two people were arrested Friday after a traffic stop that almost injured an officer.

A vehicle driven by Dana Candlish of Kokomo was stopped by an officer from the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department because she was following a car too closely. As the officer approached the car, he reportedly saw the passenger, Paul Burke of Royal Center, open the door, bend over in his seat, sit back upright and close the door. The officer asked for identification and Burke told the officer he didn’t know if he had his ID.

The officer then noticed a white cup with a blue lid on the ground outside the car, and when Burke was asked about the cup, he said he didn’t know anything about it. Burke was detained and the officer picked up the cup and placed it on the trunk lid. A white liquid inside the cup then began to boil and expel a large amount of smoke. When the officer demanded to know what was in the cup, Burke attempted to reached for it. The officer grabbed him, but Burke was able to snatch the cup and he threw the substance at the officer. The liquid missed and hit the ground, but continued to boil and smoke.

Burke continued to resist the officer as he attempted to place Burke into the police cruiser. The officer tased Burke to gain compliance and took him into custody. Other officers arrived on scene and took Dana Candlish into custody as well, but she was not formally charged.

A trooper with the Indiana State Police tested the liquid in the cup and it was identified as anhydrous ammonia, which is used in the manufacture of methamphetamine and is extremely hazardous.

Paul Burke was arrested on preliminary charges of Attempted Aggravated Battery, Improper Storage of Anhydrous, Theft, Resisting Law Enforcement and Battery on Law Enforcement.