Warm Spring Beneficial For Wheat Crop

Eugene Matzat of the La Porte Extension Office has been talking about the condition of the crops in our area this week. Matzat explained the warm spring put the wheat crop ahead of schedule.

“Because of the warm temperatures that we had in March, as well as the general earliness of the spring, this year has been well ahead of normal,” he said.

The wheat harvest is already into the harvest stage in southern Indiana.

“Wheat harvest at last report was already 25 percent done in Indiana. It’s going to progress very quickly here in the north, which if we did get some moisture, might encourage some farmers to plant soybeans as a double crop,” he noted.

Wheat is really an alternate crop in Indiana.

“A lot of the farmers here in the area do raise wheat as an alternate crop, or part of the rotation, when growing things under irrigation, for seed corn especially,” said Matzat.

Matzat says you can expect to see wheat harvested here in the next few days.