Culver Still Cleaning Up Storm Aftermath

Culver Town Council Members Ed Pinder, Ralph Winters, Ginny Bess, Sally Ricciardi
Culver Town Council Members (from left to right) Ed Pinder, Ralph Winters, Ginny Bess, Sally Ricciardi

Culver Clerk-Treasurer Karen Heim says the town has been busy cleaning up the remaining debris from last weekend’s series of storms. Many people lost power in the town through Saturday, and some residents were even without power until Sunday. Heim says the street department has been dealing with a large number of downed trees and limbs, but they are working their way through town cleaning up brush and debris.

Heim says that the storm caused a bit of damage to properties in the town. Some homes were damaged, a porch was reportedly destroyed, and a limb fell through a home. Several cars were damaged by falling branches and other debris, and at least one pool was taken out by the storm.

On a positive note, construction for the Safe Routes to School project is still underway, and crews are currently replacing sidewalks down School Street. Heim says that they have been working on the project since the beginning of June.