Local Scrap Yard Under Fire For Numerous Violations

A local scrap yard is under fire for allegedly committing numerous Indiana Department of Environmental Management violations, and a hearing was held yesterday in the Starke Circuit Court regarding the allegations. Attorney Steve Dodge appeared in court with Starke County Zoning Administrator Bruce Williams, who presented evidence of numerous violations committed by C&C Salvage, located near the intersection of U.S. 35 and Toto Road.

According to a summary letter of an inspection conducted at the site by IDEM on May 21, there are locations where it is evident that fluids such as oil had been released onto the ground, and at least one location has several vehicle motors sitting on the ground with evidence of standing around them. Further, there are burned trees at the back of the property from a fire, and C&C Salvage Manager Jose Delgado reportedly said a pile of scrap had caught fire. There is also a small pond on the property that is full of debris including railroad ties, tires, trash, and scrap materials.

An area at the back of the property is reportedly saturated with oil or fuel, and east of that area is a standing pool of oily fluid surrounded by scrap materials. The baler reportedly leaks fluids into the ground, and several open containers were reportedly found containing used oil.

More than 10 violations were reported in the inspection summary.

Judge Kim Hall granted a motion for a preliminary/permanent injunction. Williams says they are currently waiting for Dodge to file the injunction against the salvage yard.