Pulaski County Courthouse Sidewalk To Be Replaced

Pulaski County Commissioners Tracey Shorter, Kenneth Boswell, Michael Tiede

The steps around the Pulaski County Courthouse will soon be a bit safer, thanks to a motion by the Pulaski County Commissioners to replace 420 square feet of sidewalk at a cost of $3345.

County Maintenance Director Morry Demarco presented the commissioners this week with three bids to replace the approaches around the courthouse. He had contacted five contractors requesting bids for the work, but only three returned bids. He says the work is necessary because the sidewalk and steps are not level, creating a tripping hazard for visitors. In fact, the steps are so hazardous in the winter, that Demarco says he had to block some entrances last winter to prevent people from tripping.

According to Demarco, one person tripped last year at the west entrance, and he has been personally fixing particularly bad areas where the sidewalk and steps are more than nine inches apart.

The commissioners approved a motion to accept the lowest bid presented. Kiper Masonry will replace the sidewalk around the courthouse and bolt the approach to the steps to prevent them from becoming off-level. They will also haul the broken concrete away at a total expense of $3345.