Thirsty Winamac Teen Arrested For Residential Entry

A Winamac teenager was arrested after entering a home without permission.

On Tuesday, Renata Heinsen told police that she received a text message from Samantha Keys stating that she was reportedly planning to go to Heinsen’s father’s home and take his vehicle. Keys was under Heinsen’s care until recently. When Heinsen went to check on the home, she noticed that someone had been in the house.

Police later located Keys at a cabin on 125 East and asked her if she had been in the home. She reportedly stated that she was in the home because she had no money and she needed something to drink. She was told that just because she knew the homeowner didn’t give her the right to enter the home when the homeowner was not there. She denied stating that she was going to take a vehicle. The homeowner informed police that she wished to press charges against Keys.

Keys, 19, was arrested on a preliminary charge of Residential Entry, a Class D Felony. This case has been forwarded to the Pulaski County Prosecutor for further review.