Bryan Timm Sentenced in Starke Circuit Court

A sentence was handed down to 40-year-old Bryan Timm in Starke Circuit Court Wednesday morning after he pleaded guilty in a plea agreement with the State on a charge of Battery Causing Serious Bodily Injury, a Class C Felony.

Timm explained to Judge Kim Hall that he and the victim in this case, his wife, have been going to marital counseling and are working on their issues in order to exist as a family for their children. He was arrested on Feb. 9 after an argument with his wife. The argument escalated to the point where he grabbed a hold of her hand and twisted it and broke a bone in her hand. The State said in open court that the victim is still undergoing physical therapy.

Timm was sentenced to 24 months in the Indiana Department of Corrections with 12 months suspended. Those 12 months will be served on home detention and another 12 months will be served on probation. He was ordered to undergo domestic violence counseling and anger management. Judge Hall found several mitigating factors in his case including the fact that he does not have a prior record and that he’s making an effort to be a better person. Timm has been paying the medical bills and was ordered to continue to do so until all costs are paid in full.