Habitat For Humanity Interested In Salvaging Items From Knox Laundromat

Knox City Council

The Knox City Council last week discussed the old laundromat building at 64 E. Lake St., which will soon be demolished. Mayor Rick Chambers says he has already gotten a few quotes on its demolition, but they are still waiting on the necessary paperwork to be completed before any quote can be accepted.

Chambers told the council that if the paperwork is completed in time, the Board of Works will likely discuss and possibly choose the winning bid at their next meeting.

Chambers also mentioned that Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Plymouth has expressed interest in going into the laundromat and salvaging any usable items to be sold in their resale store. Chambers said they would be interested in taking light fixtures, doors, equipment, and whatever they feel can be sold at the resale store, located at 116 S. Walnut St.

The demolition bids included figures for scrapping the contents of the building, including the old washers and dryers. Chambers explained that the bids for the old equipment ranged from $500–$1000 for the city to scrap the old equipment, and he said for that amount, he would rather give the contents of the building away.

“So if that’s all the more we’re going to get out of it, I would like to see this resale store come in and they can use that stuff and help the people out. But if it’s much more than that, then we could probably use it,” Chambers said.

The council agreed to wait until the remaining demolition bids come in, and if the offered amount for the old equipment does not exceed $1000, they will likely allow Marshall County Habitat for Humanity ReStore to salvage what they would like.