Tony Semple Foundation Brings Turkey Tracks Program To Mich.

Eric Corey and his parents

Eric Corey’s legacy lives on, as eight physically-challenged hunters who have been part of the Turkey Tracks program held each spring in Starke County travel to the small community of Millersburg, Mich. to hunt deer.

The trip was arranged by the late Eric Corey’s parents, Carol and Doug Corey, through the Tony Semple Foundation. Semple was a star linebacker for the Detroit Lions who established this foundation to help provide hunting activities for hunters with disabilities.

The local hunters spent Wednesday night in Flint, Mich. and arrived in Millersburg yesterday. Carol Corey said while en route that she didn’t know who were more excited: the hunters, or she and Doug.

Semple is providing the hunting opportunity in Corey’s memory. Corey died earlier this year after fighting the ALS disease for several years, but before passing, he and his family arranged for a turkey hunt each spring for those who, like him, are physically challenged and cannot get out into the fields and woods to hunt alone. Those who come into Starke County for the three-day hunt are treated like royalty, and also given the chance to bag a bird with the assistance of a guide.

The parents are continuing the Turkey Tracks event in Corey’s memory, and have already held fundraisers to help with next year’s hunt. Carol has promised to provide pictures of the trip to Michigan.