ADA Compliance Efforts Continue in North Judson

Doug Vessely
North Judson Town Marshal Doug Vessely

North Judson Town Marshal Doug Vessely is staying on top of efforts to bring the town up to ADA-compliance codes, and he said he just has a few intersections to look at as far as handicapped accessibility, but besides that, Vessely said everything else is just about up to snuff.

He said he has plans to install a few more handicapped ramps at a number of intersections, as well as permanent handicapped parking spaces at the civic center and community building. On top of that, he said there are plans to improve handicapped access to the parks for those in wheelchairs. Vessely said he has also already added some braille signage to restrooms in the community building.

Vessely explained that the work will take place over a five-year period. The only near deadline, Vessely said, is the requirement that the plan be drafted by the end of the year. These improvements to handicapped accessibility are all locally-funded, as no grants are available for these spot-by-spot modifications.

Vessely explained that he is currently drafting the ADA compliance plan which he will then put into writing and submit to the state with a timeline and financial information, such as how to pay for the changes laid out over a two to three year period. Fortunately, the town shouldn’t have too many buildings that need modified as Vessely said many of them are already up to ADA code.

Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry explained that the town is required to draft a plan to become compliant with ADA requirements, and then they will have to implement that plan as soon as possible. The deadline for a plan to be developed and submitted is Dec. 31, and any municipality that does not have their ADA plan implemented soon thereafter will be disqualified from receiving federal funds.