Alleged Threats and Gunfire Lead to Walkerton Man’s Arrest

A Walkerton man was arrested Wednesday after he allegedly threatened a neighbor.

The victim told police that Kenneth Emmons argued with him about putting up deer stands in his woods behind the house. Emmons reportedly told him not to put up the stands and threatened him. Emmons allegedly called him a coward and told him to come to his house “to get his.” Emmons then reportedly picked up a .22 caliber rifle and shot two rounds toward the woods and threatened him again.

After he fired the shots, Emmons started to work in his own yard, playing his music loudly.

When police questioned Emmons, he allegedly stated that nothing happened and that he shot at a squirrel with his rifle. The officer asked for the gun so it could be submitted as evidence in this case and Emmons refused. Emmons was also reportedly drunk at the time the incident took place.

Emmons was arrested on preliminary charges of Intimidation as a Class C Felony and Criminal Recklessness, a Class D Felony.