Ancilla College Gives First-Time Students a Free Taste of College

First-time college students now have the opportunity to sample a taste of higher education, as Ancilla College is now offering a free college course as part of the “We Believe in You” program. The program, designed for adult learners ages 21 and up, allows a student to take a class with up to three credit hours at no cost whatsoever.

All students enrolled in the program will meet with an academic advisor who will assist them every step of the way in attending college for their first time, including assistance with the registration process, help with filing a financial aid application, choosing the right educational opportunities and much more.

Admissions Director Eric Wignall explained that more than 50 people have taken part in the program over the past few years, and many of them went on to take more classes. Adult students can use the “We Believe in You” grant on top of other financial aid from federal and state programs to take advantage of this opportunity to restart their education. This grant, on top of other financial aid from federal and state programs, goes a long way to help adult students launch their efforts toward a college degree.

Ancilla classes begin on Jan. 14 at the school’s campus near Plymouth. For more information, call the Ancilla College Admissions Office at (574) 936-8898.