Bomb Threats Made at Eastern Pulaski Schools Last Week Were Hoaxes

Dr. Robert Klitzman
Dr. Robert Klitzman

The Eastern Pulaski School Corporation is currently investigating a fraudulent bomb threat made at the school on Wednesday, Oct. 10. Superintendent Dr. Robert Klitzman explained that they had been alerted by a student that a threat had been written in one of the stalls in the high school girls’ restroom indicating that a bomb was in the school and would go off at a specific time.

Klitzman said they immediately called law enforcement and isolated the area from students. The middle and high schools were placed in lockdown and students were removed from the area while law enforcement officials searched the area and determined there was no credible threat. Satisfied, Klitzman said they resumed normal activities for the day and sent out a notice to parents in the entire school district about what had happened and what steps they had taken to ensure the safety of students.

Later that night, however, Klitzman explained that he received a call from a custodian who had found a similar threat, once again in the girls’ bathroom. Law enforcement was once again called, and brought in a bomb-sniffing dog who searched the entire high school and middle school. Once again, despite searching all classrooms and lockers, Klitzman said no explosive device was found.

“Once again felt that it was not a credible threat, but a very ugly, inconsiderate hoax. I think it’s a deplorable act, I think it’s somebody that is looking for a lot of the attention, can’t see beyond their nose as to all the difficulty it’s caused, all the inconvenience, all the stress, and the fact that it doesn’t put our school in a very good light,” said Klitzman.

Klitzman said this is no joking matter, and the student behind it will be found and prosecuted. With the help of the student body, Klitzman is confident that they will find the student responsible.

“Law enforcement is continuing their investigation, at school we are continuing ours, and the mindset is that this was not a prank, it was a crime, and law enforcement is going to treat it this way, and if we find the student – and I hope our student population stands up and says, ‘No, we are not about this, that’s not what we do,’ and we start getting some names. We will then go through due process as described by state statute,” Klitzman explained.