Culver Schools Adopt RISE Evaluation Model

Culver Community School Superintendent, Brad Schuldt

The Culver Community School Board at their meeting this week heard a presentation from High School Dean of Students Brett Berndt and Elementary Principal Chuck Kitchell regarding the adoption of the RISE evaluation model. Superintendent Brad Schuldt explained that the board decided to formally approve the use of RISE to comply with state laws passed last year regarding teacher evaluations.

Berndt and Kitchell presented the board with information on how the evaluations work and the steps necessary to implement it. Schuldt explained that according to the State Board of Education, 80 percent of Indiana schools are using the RISE model.

Schuldt said that every licensed individual in the corporation has to undergo an evaluation through some evaluation model, and RISE is just one choice that covers all employees from principals and superintendents to counselors, librarians, and teachers.

The board also held the first reading on a group of board policies that needed updating, according to the corporation’s policy consultant, Neola. Schuldt said the changes are minor, and this is just the last step in getting caught up on policies to comply with the state. He said they held the policy readings at their last meeting, and the changes will likely be finalized at their next meeting.