Fiery Standoff Comes to Peaceful Close in Marshall County

A tense four-hour standoff in Marshall County came to a peaceful conclusion as a man threatened self-immolation in the driveway of his home.

Around 1 p.m. on Thursday, Marshall County police, fire department, and EMS were dispatched to a home on 11B Road just outside of Plymouth, where a man had soaked himself in gasoline before barricading himself in his driveway. He used old lawn mowers and mopeds to form a blockade around himself as he clutched a large lighter, threatening to burn himself alive.

The situation came to a close when officers with the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department, Indiana State Police, and the state police emergency response team were able to infiltrate the man’s barricade and rush the man before he could light himself on fire.

The man was taken into custody and admitted into a mental health facility for a 72-hour detention. His identity has not been released pending psychiatric evaluation.

Marshall County Sheriff Tom Chamberlin thanked the state police, fire department, and other departments that helped to assuage the situation.