Fungal Meningitis Cases in Indiana Reaches 38

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported this weekend that the number of fungal meningitis cases has risen to 38 in Indiana after a steroid shot became tainted with a fungus. More than 200 people across the country have become ill from the outbreak. Two Indiana patients have died, and lawsuits are being filed against companies that may be tied to the infections, including the New England Compounding Center.

The center is believed to be the source of the outbreak, and officials have 60 days to respond to the initial civil suit. Two Indiana law firms have filed lawsuits related to the infection of a Columbus woman who said she received three steroid injections at Wellspring Pain Solutions in Columbus.

The Indiana State Department of Health has released no details about the two deaths or the clinics that may be responsible, though six Indiana clinics reportedly received the tainted steroids.

Mike Stephenson, a lawyer for one of the firms involved in the Indiana lawsuit, admitted that the case could take a very long time before any conclusion is reached.