Indiana Schools to Receive Grade Cards Today

Hoosier schools will be receiving their grade cards today from the state – this after the release date was pushed back due to questions by school districts as to how the grades were calculated. Public Law 221 requires this grading system for public schools, and an accountability law requires the state to takeover schools that consistently score an “F” on their report card or if they are placed in a probation category for six years in a row.

A school’s grade is based on several factors, including standardized test scores and graduation rates. While rating systems have been around since 2005, the Department of Education has added a number of new standards used to determine grades.

According to Department of Education Superintendent Tony Bennett, the A–F grading system allows the public to more easily understand the grades received by the school. He explained that the system was revised because of a number of objections vocalized by high schools that had received “C’s” despite high test scores. As a result, new standards such as student growth were implemented.

Schools received their preliminary grades in September, but the grades will be released to the public today. Schools have a right to appeal their rating.