Knox Clerk-Treasurer Says State Audit Came Back OK

Knox City Council

Knox Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston told the city council last week that the city’s audit has been completed by the state, pending official approval by the state supervisor. Houston explained that the audit, overall, went well; though he was unsure as to how city court fared with the audit. He said the only exception that the state took was that the deposits were not corresponding with what the books indicated was being deposited.

Houston explained that this was because some deposits were not listed as to whether they were cash or checks, so they could not be checked back on in the records. So, Houston said he has implemented a new form in his office that will be used to reconcile all cash and checks collected with the amounts deposited.

He said that the amounts were adding up, but they could not be double-checked with city records. Houston was under the impression that this had been taken care of last year but recently learned that it was not, and he said this new form will take care of the issue.

The audit only took two weeks to complete, but Houston said the city will undergo a more in-depth audit next year because the city has received more than $500,000 in federal grant money, requiring a deeper federal audit.