Knox Man Sentenced To 45 Months in DOC For Receiving Stolen Property

Starke County Courthouse

Starke Circuit Court Judge Kim Hall sentenced William Baugh, 21 of Knox, last week after he pleaded guilty to a charge of Receiving Stolen Property in a plea agreement with the state.

Baugh testified that his ex-girlfriend gave him some zippo lighters to pawn at the pawn shop in Knox. Baugh also said that his ex-girlfriend had gotten them from her grandmother and it was okay for him to pawn them. According to more testimony, it was learned that the lighters were not the woman’s grandmother’s but her stepfather’s. The victim made a statement in court that the items were taken without his consent and was extremely upset that the items were stolen and pawned. He asked the pawn shop to hold those items because they were stolen and he called the police to make a report. The victim told Judge Hall that the items were sold anyway. He indicated that the lighters were a collection of his mother’s and there were over 200 of them in the collection worth $1,500. There were also some Star Wars memorabilia items that were pawned.

Judge Hall listened to the testimony and asked the prosecutor why charges hadn’t been filed against the pawn shop for selling stolen property.

Judge Hall sentenced Baugh to 24 months in the Department of Corrections with none of that sentence suspended on the charge of Receiving Stolen Property and he was also ordered to serve 21 months in the DOC on a probation violation. Those sentences will be served consecutively. He was also ordered to pay $1,410 in restitution to the victim.