Leaf Pickup for North Judson To Begin Next Month

North Judson Town Board

North Judson Town Superintendent Marshall Horstmann told the town council this week that brush pickup has been completed for the town, and leaf pickup efforts will begin around Nov. 1. He said that’s just a preliminary date and depending on when the leaves start dropping at a steady rate, the date could change.

Further, Horstmann presented a number of estimates for paving work that the town will need to have completed, but the council decided to wait until the spring to perform any of the work. Because it’s so late in the year already, Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry explained that the council wants to wait for 2013 before they perform any paving, and they will perform both paving that needed done in 2012 and the paving for 2013 at the same time. Rather than wait til the fall, she said they will begin the paving in the spring to ensure they can meet the paving deadline.

Henry also explained that the part-time position that was made available recently has gotten quite a bit of attention as they are sifting through 40 applications for the position. She said the town is currently reviewing the applications, and they will schedule several interviews for next week to decide on the perfect match. The new employee will split his or her time between the clerk’s office and the billing department.