Marshall County EMA Reviewing Drafted Preparedness Plan

The Marshall County Commissioners recently heard from EMA Director Clyde Avery, who told the board that the EMA Advisory Council is currently reviewing a draft of the Emergency Management Strategic Preparedness Plan and has until Oct. 19 to make recommendations. He will submit the plan to the commissioners for approval in November.

He also told the commissioners that he will host an exercise on Wednesday, Oct. 31 from 9 a.m. to noon ET in the Marshall County Courthouse to discuss the activation protocol for the Emergency Operations Center. He will also be discussing the roles and responsibilities of the Emergency Support Functions and Policy Group members.

He also reported that the Storm Ready Community renewal was approved by the National Weather Service in recognition of the extensive steps the county has taken to improve the first responder and citizen preparedness. The benefits of this designation includes additional grant opportunities and reduced flood insurance rates.