Monsanto to Present O-D Schools with $10,000 Check

Oregon-Davis School Superintendent Dr. Steve Disney

The Monsanto Company will be at the Oregon-Davis Schools this morning to present the school with a grant check for $10,000. Superintendent Dr. Steve Disney said this was a tremendous effort by two teachers.

“This is terrific,” said Dr. Disney. “I think it’s a reflection of two dedicated professional teachers. Mr. Jacob Riley, our Agriculture teacher, and Mrs. Debbie Awald, our Biology teacher, approached me last spring with an idea to put together and apply for a regional Monsanto grant. I think we were one of ten school corporations within the whole Midwest area that received this.”

The money will be used in their bio-agriculture classes.

Monsanto will be making the presentation at 7:30 a.m. today.

Dr. Disney said agriculture is important in our area and it will continue to make an impact in the future.

“Really, as we continue to see the changes in the 21st Century, some of the greatest issues that will be impacting us all will be freshwater supplies and food supplies as world populations increase. More and more we see our kids that go onto Purdue and they might not come in directly into farming, but they’re in an industry that revolves around agriculture. Our school and our teachers really provide great programs in preparation for students,” said Disney.