North Judson Firefighters Undergo Extrication Training

Several firefighters from the North Judson Volunteer Fire Department recently underwent a training session at the department on extrication, and Captain Brad Brewer explained that the training will assist them in safely removing people trapped in vehicles.

Brewer said the training session took approximately three and a half hours on Sunday, and firefighter Doug O’Donnell conducted the training. O’Donnell had taken the course several years ago in Chesterton, and Brewer said he is very knowledgeable about the subject and did a great job in instructing his fellow firefighters.

Of the 25-man fire department, 18 firefighters participated in the training. Brewer explained that this is neither the first nor the last time the department has undergone this training, and they usually conduct it once or twice a year. This year, however, the department had some trouble obtaining cars to be used for demonstrations. Fortunately, Brewer said a firefighter’s friend that runs a junkyard brought a few cars for the department to practice on.

The training familiarizes firefighters with equipment like the Jaws of Life, spreaders, cutters, and stabilizers that are used when extricating people trapped within vehicles as the result of an accident. The fire department will likely conduct this training again next spring.