North Judson Updating Cemetery Rules, Regulations, Enforcement

North Judson Town Board

The town of North Judson is continuing their efforts to update the rules and regulations for town cemeteries, having passed the first and second readings of an ordinance updating those policies. Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry explained the board will hold the third reading of the ordinance at their next meeting on Nov. 5, and the policy changes will take effect around Nov. 15.

She explained that the ordinance doesn’t involve many changes to the policies, but it was in dire need of updating as it hadn’t been changed since 1959. Henry said the new rules and regulations are essentially the same, but the updated policies will now be enforced by local police. She said the outdated ordinance hadn’t been enforced for several years.

The Cemetery Regulations Committee was appointed several months ago and charged with the task of reviewing the current cemetery ordinance and its rules and regulations to determine if any changes are needed to the policies. The committee looked at the current ordinance and compared it to templates of cemetery rules and regulations, and have a few updates that they felt would best suit the cemetery and the town.

The new ordinance will be read at their next meeting and should take effect approximately ten days afterward.