Pulaski County Commissioners Give OK To Demolish Winamac Home

Pulaski County Commissioners Tracey Shorter, Kenneth Boswell, Michael Tiede

The Pulaski County Commissioners this week upheld an order to demolish a Winamac home at the request of Building Inspector Dave Dare.

Dare told the commissioners that a building at 419 W. Jefferson St. in Winamac had become dilapidated after a tree had fallen into the home and destroyed the west wall. He said he had spoken to the homeowner, Ryan Galbreath, and informed him that he needed to repair the home or it would be demolished. Dare said Galbreath chose not to repair the home.

As a result, a contractor was given the task of demolishing the home before Nov. 19, and Dare needed the commissioners’ approval in upholding the order to demolish the home. The commissioners approved his request and passed a motion upholding the order.

The commissioners also discussed the demolition of the old highway garage near the recycling center. Commissioner Ken Boswell said the old highway garage isn’t in much better shape than the house they just agreed to demolish, and feels a plan needs to be formulated as to what the county wants to do with the building, as it is unsafe and a serious hazard for anyone who enters it. Commissioner Mike Tiede said it would be best for the building to be torn down, but the gas and electric lines must first be shut off and redirected.

Recycling Center Director Ed Clark said he would get the building emptied, and Highway Superintendent Kenny Becker said he will assist in emptying it and have the lines removed before the building is demolished.