Relay for Life Already Gearing Up For Next Year’s Event

Fundraising is already underway for next year’s Relay for Life event with this year’s theme of “Colors of Cancer.”

Meghan Hamand of Relay for Life said each team will display a different color representing a form of cancer – pink, for example, to represent breast cancer – in all different shapes, sizes and forms, and each will also provide information about their particular type of cancer. Hamand said her team chose gold to represent childhood cancer, and they will be taking it “to the extreme,” with plans to embellish their team like the Olympics with gold medals and other decorations.

Hamand said teams are participating in a county-wide fundraiser, selling pies just in time for the holidays. She said pies will be available throughout most of October and the pastries can be delivered the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Relay for Life held their first meeting in September, when they decided on the date, place, and theme. The event will take place on June 7 and 8 at the Starke County Fairgrounds, with the Kick Off event to take place in January.

Hamand said the organization is still in search of people for a number of open committee positions, including a chair for the whole event. Hamand served as the event chair for two years and said it’s time for someone else to come in with a different outlook, new methods, and fresh ideas. Samantha Sims will be serving as the vice chair of Starke County’s event.