SCILL Center Offering Free Car Check-Up For Food Pantry Donations

SCILL Center

The SCILL Center is definitely staying busy with events planned throughout the end of the year. This week, the center is hosting a Food For Friends Car Care Clinic, which Director Jerry Gurrado said serves a double purpose: it raises money for the Starke County Food Pantry and gives drivers the chance to have their vehicle checked out for free!

“It’s actually a pretty unique and very neat situation, where you can come in here to the SCILL Center any time between 8 o’clock and 4 p.m., central time, we put a diagnostic on your vehicle, run a complete check-up, we’ll top off the fluids, we’ll give you a checklist of whatever the necessity might be. And then you get the option of taking it to wherever your own dealership or garage is,” explained Gurrado.

The checklist will point out issues with the vehicle, such as tires that may need replaced, loose timing belts, and other problems that can be easily dealt with by a mechanic. In addition, Gurrado said those who take part in the program will receive a “goodie bag” with coupons from area dealers, garages, car care places, and auto shops like NAPA and Advanced Auto Parts.

Gurrado said all participants need to do is bring a non-perishable food item to donate to the food pantry. On top of that, Gurrado said local organizations have gotten in on the action.

“We are also in partnership with First Farmers Bank. They make a financial donation according to how many cars we service on those two days, and then lastly, George Mammerella over at Economy Auto Sales is making a financial contribution for perishable goods. It’s pretty neat, we’re very proud to be a participant in this program,” said Gurrado.

Last year, the SCILL Center collected over 200 pounds of non-perishable foods. This year, however, Gurrado said they are aiming for 400 pounds, and the financial donations from local businesses can only help that cause.

The clinic started yesterday and will be open again tomorrow from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. CT at the SCILL Center.