Starke Co. Sheriff’s Dept. To Utilize Electronic Ticketing

IT Director Joe Short

The Starke County Sheriff’s Department will soon be streamlining operations when issuing traffic tickets or warnings.

A Sheriff’s Department representative and IT Director Joe Short attended a training session last week in electronic ticketing. With this system, when an officer pulls over a suspected traffic violator, the officer will be able to scan a Driver’s License and vehicle registration into a mobile computer, plus fill out the necessary violation information, edit any information – like an address – and print out the ticket at the time of the traffic stop. This puts the information of the traffic stop into the state computer system and lessens the paperwork and time of the traffic stop.

One traffic stop could last a minute-and-a-half if all of the information on the violator’s Driver’s License and the registration is current and correct. It also makes the process paperless.

All officers will be trained on the new system and it should be utilized by the Starke County Sheriff’s Department by mid-November.