Starke Co. Treasurer’s Office Closed Until Further Notice

Linda Belork (L), Commissioner Kathy Norem, Dan Bridegroom, Kasey Clark, and Auditor Kay Chaffins reconcile the cash balances

The Starke County Commissioners held an emergency meeting Monday morning where Commissioner Dan Bridegroom made a motion to acknowledge that Linda Belork is the Starke County Treasurer but she can not fully serve in that capacity because a surety bond is not in place at this time and they must close the Treasurer’s Office until further notice.

“The only option that would give us, I feel, to close the office at this time. Yes, she is Treasurer, but we cannot allow her to operate the office because of the liability issues,” stated Bridegroom.

The motion was approved by Commission President Kathy Norem and by Dan Bridegroom. Commissioner Jennifer Davis was absent.

After the emergency meeting was adjourned, the Commissioners, along with Auditor Kay Chaffins proceeded to the Treasurer’s Office where Chaffins, former Interim Treasurer Kasey Clark and Linda Belork counted all funds within the office. All parties agreed to the accuracy of those funds and this action was done with the fullest cooperation of all parties.

All parties are attempting to get the Treasurer’s Office open to serve the public as quickly as possible. For now, if you have a tax payment, you may drop it off in the drop box outside of the Treasurer’s Office until the office is reopened or at 1st Source Bank in Knox. 1st Source Bank advises taxpayers that they must have the “C” copy, or the remittance coupon included with their check, when they make their tax payment to the bank. If they do not have a copy of their tax bill, a copy reprint could be processed in the Auditor’s Office. Payment should be in the form of check or money order only.