Walkerton Driver Sends Car Up a Pole

High speeds and a turn that was too tight drove a Chevrolet Impala up a pole in Walkerton Sunday afternoon. At approximately 12:30 p.m., an elderly female was traveling along State Road 23 and took a tight turn too fast, sending her vehicle airborne and into a NIPSCO utility pole’s guide wire. The vehicle rode along the wire and propped itself neatly against the utility pole, where it sat for several hours.

Officers were forced to shut down State Road 23 around 4 p.m. because they feared the approaching thunderstorms would cause the vehicle to fall into the roadway, and the road remained closed until after 9 p.m. when a crane was able to safely bring the car back to the ground. The elderly woman was not injured, though visibly shaken, having been off the ground for several hours throughout the ordeal.