Winterization to Begin Soon for Wythogan Park

Knox Mayor Rick Chambers

Knox Mayor Rick Chambers explained a number of points to the city council this week, including an update from Park Superintendent George Byer on the status of winterization and fence repairs in Wythogan Park.

Byer explained that the winterization process will soon begin for the park, in which the park equipment will be prepared for the upcoming winter season to prevent any damage caused by the weather. Byer said they’ll also begin working on the repairs for the fence this weekend if weather permits, but if not, the repairs will have to wait until Monday morning. Byer said both fences will soon be repaired.

Chambers told the council that the work on Pearl Street has been completed. He explained that the contractors dug out all the bricks and paved the road, but failed to slope it properly as Jeff Borg wanted. This has caused a problem with standing water in front of a driveway to a building, and the city will now have to carve out a trench and place a catch basin near the driveway to drain out the water. Chambers said he was disappointed that it was not done corrected, but it can be resolved.

Chambers also noted that the city had recently purchased a new mosquito sprayer for less than $5000, but now the city still has the old sprayer as well. He said the old equipment, which is roughly 20 years old, has no real value, and Borg suggested checking with other municipalities to see if anyone would like to take it. The sprayer still works, Chambers explained, and he will check with other communities to see if any of them are interested in taking it off the city’s hands.