Construction Underway at Henry F. Schricker Public Library

Sheila Urwiler

Construction efforts have kicked off at the Henry F. Schricker Public Library. Director Shelia Urwiler explained that they’ve started work on the children’s wing as they’re adding about 6000 square feet for the new children and young adult department.

Urwiler said they’re hoping for the construction to be done by mid-July, but it is possible that the construction could take longer than expected. The total price on the work came to about $1.5 million, with the remaining balance from the $1.875 million they received from bonds to go toward furnishings, new fixtures, electrical wiring, and other expenses.

Urwiler said two of the biggest changes they’re working on is improving the children’s department and access to their wireless internet.

“Well, the biggest thing will be a new program space for the children’s department, where they can actually have the loud, fun storytimes that we’ve been having but without disturbing the rest of the library, so we’re pretty excited about that. Both the children’s and the young adult’s areas will have more computers and also better access to the wifi, so that the kids who come in after school with their laptops will be able to access the internet easily,” said Urwiler.

Besides that, Urwiler said they’re working on adding space and room for books and other items. The work is being performed by Hamstra Group of Wheatfield, and they’re planning on performing a bit of remodeling in the main building too as well as the installation of some additional walls for small meeting rooms and the new technical services department.