Culver School Board Re-appoints Brown to Library Board

Culver Community School Superintendent, Brad Schuldt

The Culver Community School Board at their meeting last week appointed a member to the Monterey-Tippecanoe Public Library Board.

Superintendent Brad Schuldt explained that the school corporation is required to make an appointment for the Monterey Library as the appointing board for certain positions on public libraries within the district. They decided to re-appoint Melvin Brown, a man who has been on the library board for a considerable amount of time.

Schuldt explained that the board typically follows the recommendation from the library because the library actually works with the individual, so the board feels they would have the best idea as to who would be the ideal appointment. Usually, the board doesn’t even know the individual they appoint, but this time, Schuldt said, was an exception. One board member that was elected from the Tippecanoe Township in Pulaski County knows Brown very well, Schuldt said.

Unless there’s more than one person vying for that position on the library board, Schuldt said, the board pretty much follows the recommendation of the library as to who they would like.