Culver School Superintendent Responds to State-Issued Grades

Culver Community School Superintendent, Brad Schuldt

With the recent release of state-issued grades for schools, corporations throughout Indiana now have an idea of what they need to work on to improve their scores. The Culver Community School Corporation is no different, having run the gauntlet on grades. The elementary school received an A, the middle school a D, and the high school returned with a C.

Superintendent Brad Schuldt said that these building grades highlight a number of issues that they need to take handle, and they’re already working on improvements.

“Obviously, we’re just like a parent, and their kids bring home their report cards. We feel an A is obviously a good thing and we feel very good about that. The other two buildings, we have some things to work on and we’ve already started working on those as far as having committee meetings. We were able to pretty much predict on our own what our grades would be approximately and what our areas of shortcomings would be,” said Schuldt.

Schuldt went on to say that the middle school started work on improving the grade last summer. He said they began holding meetings to work on fixing the issues that would cause their school’s grade to decline, and because the scores are based on spring testing of last year, they were able to get a head start on improvements.

Schuldt said the middle school conducted assessments internally in the corporation and were able to predict what grade they would receive, and they’ve zeroed in on a number of changes that will be made.