District 2 Incident Management Team Continues Recovery Efforts in New York

The District 2 Incident Management Team arrived in Long Beach, New York Friday morning to assist Long Beach First Responders in recovery efforts from Hurricane Sandy.

Starke County EMA Director Ted Bombagetti, who is one of the 54 members of this team and the District 7 team out of Indiana, said the Nassau County Commissioners asked that the team also help in Atlantic Beach and Lidio Beach.

According to Bombagetti, the first order of business was to distribute food and water to those in need. Several Points of Distribution were established at local schools and government locations. Large volume pumps were also brought in to complete the efforts to clean out county hospitals, fire stations, water pumping facilities and the wastewater facilities.

Large semi trucks are now being brought into the area to remove debris left by the storm.

The Incident Management Team is expected to remain in that area throughout this week.