DNR Warns Hunters to Be Safe This Season

We’ve received several reports of hunters being involved in tree stand injuries in the last couple of weeks, including a hunter in the Grovertown area. Conservation Officer Keith Wildeman reminds hunters to be safe while in a tree stand.

“Always wear a full-body safety harness or vest when climbing into the stand, while you’re in the stand and when you’re climbing down from your tree stand,” said Wildeman. “Always make sure, prior to hunting, you check your tree stands to make sure they’re secure. When you’re going into a tree stand, use a pull line. Pull up your unloaded firearm and any gear you may need with you so you can keep three points of contact.”

Wildeman said a lot of tree stand accidents can be prevented by wearing a full-body harness.

“That’s how most of the hunting accidents in the state happen,” said Wildeman. “More accidents happen with tree stands than by hunters being shot or by other means.”