Eastern Pulaski Schools Will Soon Welcome New Baseball Coach

Dr. Robert Klitzman
Dr. Robert Klitzman
Eastern Pulaski Schools will soon be welcoming a new member to the coaching staff. Superintendent Dr. Robert Klitzman explained that baseball coach Mark Hendricks will soon be leaving the corporation, and they’ve found his replacement in Tony Carroll.

Klitzman said Carroll brings a lot to the table with years of experience in baseball, though they are sad to see Hendricks go.

“Mark has been in that capacity for a good number of years and experienced some really successful times with that program. The new coach hired by our school board is Tony Carroll. Mr. Carroll has had experience coaching at the high school level. He also played four years of collegiate baseball at Central Michigan University, so he has a lot of good experience at the high school level and at the collegiate level,” said Klitzman.

Klitzman went on to say that in addition to Carroll’s extensive baseball experience, he also served time as a baseball umpire. He said that it would be good for every baseball coach to serve some time as an umpire to see both sides of the game.

Though it’s only November, Klitzman said it will be only a few short months before the new coach gets kids ready for the spring training program.