Final Site Decision For New Starke County Jail Expected This Morning

Starke County Commissioners

A final decision as to the location of the new Starke County jail facility is expected today, as the Starke County Commissioners have planned a special session to discuss that topic and several others.

An overwhelming number of Starke County residents turned out for last week’s public hearing to voice their concern and opposition to the proposed location. While it was said that no matter where the jail is located somebody is going to be upset about it, several attendees had specific concerns including property values near the jail, traffic issues due to the proximity of Sabre Manufacturing, and public safety for residents who live near the proposed location.

Several residents also expressed displeasure that they had not heard of the commissioners’ intent to establish the facility at that location, claiming the matter was “hush-hush” until it was “already decided.” The commissioners reminded the audience that nothing was final, and this site was only the strongest contender. On top of that, several public hearings were held regarding the project, and the commissioners said the word had been out for a while regarding the properties they had been considering.

The meeting will also discuss price quotes for the 2013 county employees’ health insurance, and price quotes for the renewal of inmate medical insurance. The appointments for 2013 will also be covered. The meeting will take place in the meeting room of the Starke County annex building at 9 a.m.