Improvements Coming to Wythogan Park in Knox

The park crew was out yesterday morning preparing for the new equipment.

Wythogan Park in Knox is closed for the season, but repairs and improvements are still ongoing. Park Superintendent George Byer told the city council this week that they are currently waiting for the delivery of 30 trees to be planted in the park, and crews are also working on installing a new piece of playground equipment.

Byer said the trees will be planted in locations designated by red flags throughout the park. The young trees will be anywhere from 1.5 to three inches in diameter and several feet tall. Byer explained that these trees are coming from a tree supplier in southern Indiana, and they will provide the park with an assortment of tree species. He said he expects the trees to be planted within the next two weeks.

Beside the tree plantings, Byer said they are also working on installing a new piece of playground equipment: the X-Wave 2. He said they are currently working on the concrete footing and preparing the ground for the installation of a fall zone beneath the equipment. He said the overall area for the X-Wave will be 36 feet long and 16 feet wide, with concrete pillars that are two feet wide and four feet deep in concrete. A yard and a half of cement will hold the piece of equipment securely.

The new equipment, Byer said, cost about $7000. Both the new trees and the playground equipment were paid for using insurance money from the storms that wreaked havoc in the park in June and July.