Intoxicated Knox Man Arrested For Criminal Confinement

The Knox City Police Department responded to a call of a woman being held against her will and that her husband had a knife.

When police arrived at the home on E. Lake St., a couch blocked the front door to the house so the police had to go to the back door. They were met by the complainant who said the victim and Steven Meeks were in a bedroom and she was screaming for help.

The officers opened the door but Meeks reportedly attempted to keep it closed. The police forced their way into the room and took Meeks into custody.

The victim told police that she and Meeks had been fighting all day and she had left but he convinced her to come back. Meeks then allegedly took her keys and would not let her leave the bedroom and that’s when she called for someone to call the police. There were knives in the room.

Officers attempted to get Meeks’ side of the story and had a hard time trying to understand him as he was intoxicated at the time of his arrest. Meeks did manage to say that the victim stabbed him in the chest, but there wasn’t any evidence of a battery. Meeks was booked into the Starke County Jail on a preliminary charge of Criminal Confinement.