IU Health Starke President Presents Progress Overview to Bass Lake POA

David Hyatt

The president of IU Health Starke Hospital recently spoke to members of the Bass Lake Property Owners Association and presented an overview of the progress made in medical care since IU Health LaPorte Hospital leased the Starke County facility.

David Hyatt said that $5 million worth of upgrades made in services and equipment by IU Health LaPorte Hospital improved quality healthcare at the Starke County facility and partnering with the county in bringing Advanced Life Support ambulance service was another positive addition.

Hyatt noted that patient surveys are showing a steady increase in care satisfaction. Hyatt indicated that management will not be satisfied until the hospital is in the 90th percentile of patient care.

Negotiations are still ongoing for IU Health LaPorte Hospital to purchase the Starke County facility from the county and no firm decision has been made on a new hospital if an agreement is reached.