Knox Community Elementary School Lock-Down Lifted

A domestic dispute in Knox led police to lock down the Knox Elementary School as a precaution this morning.

Knox City Police were called to a Knox residence in response to threats that had been made toward family members. When police arrived on the scene, officers learned that the threats that had been made were related to a domestic incident that had occurred the night before. Unfortunately, the male subject had left the home before officers arrived and authorities believed he was in an unstable state of mind.

On top of that, police soon learned that the man had made additional threats that morning to remove his children from the Knox Elementary School. Because police believed the man to be mentally unstable, police contacted the school and, through cooperation with the Knox Police Department, Starke County Sheriff’s Department, and the Knox Community School Corporation, the building was locked down. Students were kept inside and the building was secured while officers remained on the premises.

Fortunately, the subject was soon located in LaPorte County and arrested, and the lock-down was lifted shortly afterward.